How we work


Step 1

SELECT the work or process to be implemented.
REGISTER or collect all relevant data of the task or process, using the most appropriate techniques and arranging the data in the most adequate manner in order to analyze them.

Step 2

EXAMINE the registered data thoroughly, asking whether what is being done is justified, according to the activity; the site where it is being carried out; the order of execution; who executes it, and the means being used for the purpose.

Step 3

SET UP the most inexpensive method, taking all circumstances into account and using different management techniques as well as the contributions from top management, supervisors, workers and consultants whose approach must be analyzed and discussed.
EVALUATE the results obtained with the new method and compare them with the amount of work needed and establish a specific time.

Step 4

DEFINE the new method, and the corresponding time, and submit the mentioned method, orally or in writing, to all of the people concerned, using demos.
IMPLEMENT the new method, reporting decisions, training people involved as a general accepted practice with the standardized time.
CONTROL the application of the new standard following the results obtained and comparing them with the objectives.

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