Implementation of the third germinator for the malting plant Anheuser-Busch InBev in Zacatecas
19 September, 2014
Migration of the PCS7 and Batch control system in SAG Manufacturing
5 September, 2015
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Successfully completed the first Project in USA

In 2015 has been successfully completed our first project in USA. It is the malting plant belong to Integraw Malt, a Joint Venture company between AB-InBev and Cargill companies, sited in Idaho Falls. This factory is operating since 2004 and it provides malt to several breweries in USA and Mexico. After the development of an analysis for productivity enhancement it was included three new elevators, one for every production line, so finally a growth rate of 14% in the production was achieved. Thus, the main bottleneck existing in the factory consisting of the use of the same elevator for the steeping vessels discharge and the germinators discharge, has been removed.

This system is based on Siemens technology with Simatic PCS7 and Simatic Batch software. It has redundancy in several PLCs and SCADA and Batch systems.

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