Migration of the PCS7 and Batch control system in SAG Manufacturing
5 September, 2015
Hexa Ingenieros has successfully completed the implementation of a new control system for the GTC dome shutters
12 April, 2016
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Hexa Ingenieros is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its founding


On February 27th 2001 was the beginning of this engineering firm


A 15 years’ experience dedicated to the improvement and development of process automation and the development of information systems by using cutting-edge technology.

Along this time we have offered the best systems to our customers to increase the productivity and effectiveness of their management with the maximum quality, safety and confidence.

During this 15 years we have worked in 12 countries getting more than one hundred clients and a lot of important projects.

Our main objective is, and will remain in the future, to find customized solutions for our customers offering the highest quality standards and complying with deadlines.

From Hexa we want to thank our customers, collaborators and providers, the trust placed in us during this years and the years ahead; not to mention, of course, each and every one of the workers who have made this possible.

For many more years…

Jose Mª Guillen


General Manager


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