9 July, 2018

HEXA Ingenieros se suma a la formación profesional dual

La Formación Profesional Dual es una nueva modalidad dentro de la formación profesional cuyo objetivo fundamental se basa en la mejora de la calidad de la formación profesional combinando […]
10 May, 2018

HEXA U.S. office now open

Today, 8 May 2018, we’re proud to announce that our U.S. office — Hexa Engineers, which has been operational for several weeks now — is officially […]
2 March, 2018


It’s now 17 years since we made our start in automation and industrial computing, 17 years of innovating and creating new custom-made solutions for our clients, […]
23 February, 2018

Upgrade of the Al-Hunnay water plant control system completed successfully

Hexa Ingenieros has completed the project to upgrade the control system at the Al-Hunnay wastewater treatment plant that supplies water to the local area. The project […]