17 February, 2020
Directivo digitalización

Discover the aspects in which the necessary digitalization influences

As an initial approach, it can be affirmed without fear of being mistaken that digitalization improves costs, time and error reduction. A very simple example that […]
11 February, 2020


Hexa Ingenieros estará presente otro año más en Advanced Factories, uno de los mayores eventos de la Industria 4.0 en España. Ven a visitarnos al STAND H120
28 January, 2020
Digitalization industry

Why the digitalization of the industry is essential

Digitalization of the industry is a pressing and beneficial aspect for companies. Now, in Spain it is already living a good moment after the crisis setback.
16 January, 2020
Conveyor belt

What is a MES system and what modules can form it

The objective of an MES system is to ensure that manufacturing operations in an industry are carried out effectively to optimize production.