Quality Politics

HEXA INGENIEROS considers carrying out engineering projects satisfactorily for its clients that starts from quality, which is understood as system.

The general policy of HEXA INGENIEROS is focused on placing the company among the most competitive of the sector, satisfying the expectations of our clients and creating a solid relationship with them, without setting aside the objective of the company, which is profitability.

The management of HEXA INGENIEROS, considers quality as the strategic priority and points them out in three basic principles

  • Quality is the responsibility of all members of the company.
  • The survival of the company depends on its competitiveness, wherein Quality plays a vital role.
  • Quality is obtained through a continuous evaluation system, based on planning, execution and constant revision.

The management of HEXA INGENIEROS considers that the strategic objective should be based on:

  • The continuous improvement of our Quality Management System
  • The increase in customer satisfaction by complying with requirements, legal and the regulatory.

In order to effectively apply these principles, not only is it necessary to have the unconditional commitment of all HEXA INGENIEROS personnel and management team, but also the support from the suppliers and collaborators of the company and the mindset of the clients for their participation in the revision of the system process.

This policy of quality will be reviewed annually and made available to all members of the organization.

Managing Director
José Mª Guillén Franco